Love + Monsters Hawaii is a children's clothing line that is handmade in Kaimuki, Hawaii.  We take pride in our quality work that is created in our Kaimuki studio from start to finish. 

We also offer in studio and mobile sewing classes for ages 6 and older.  Our goal is to instill appreciation for the art of sewing into children and adults.  

About the Owner

Richie Calizar has a bachelor's degree in Art and Fashion Design from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  She has a background in sewing, weaving, screen printing, crocheting, knitting, block printing, jewelry making, hand embroidering and woodworking.  After having her first child a few months after she graduated, she fell in love with designing and constructing kids clothes.  She loves tedious work and puts so much love into every piece she creates.  Knowing how tedious and time consuming it is, she also wanted to showcase and support other handmade or fair-trade children's products from all over the world and bring awareness to the cruel sweat shop industry.